Someone taking a video of their kitchen via their mobile phone

Video Survey

A home removals survey is often required before moving day so that you can receive a more accurate quote and so that the removals team understand what needs to be moved and how. However, video home removal surveys are a more modern way to complete this. They tap into recognised and established application technologies that are tailored to the purpose of helping movers get a quick and accurate moving house quote for their removal.

By using your smartphone, tablet or laptop you’re able to survey your home and quickly get an accurate quote on how much your move will cost. This is all without having a surveyor physically come out and visit your home, making the whole process a lot quicker, easier and potentially less costly.

Someone taking a video of their kitchen via their mobile phone
Use WhatsApp or FaceTime

During the video consultation, our surveyor will be able to asses the volume of goods that need to be moved. This is vital when allocating the correct resources and to ensure your move is as stress free as possible. Our surveyor would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, maybe it could be about the plan for move day, or some advice on how to pack items (if you are packing yourself), we’d be happy to help and assist all we can.

The video survey can be carried out via WhatsApp or FaceTime and can be arranged at a suitable time for you. We offer weekend surveys, should the working week not be possible due to your work commitments or busy family life.

Once we have assessed your volume and discussed your move service requirements, then we aim to have your quotation with you with 48 hours.

Please contact us for more details.