Secure Storage

Pro-Move Relocation’s services prioritise total convenience and secure storage, offering clients absolute peace of mind. We offer both short term and long term storage solutions.

On top of all this, we also work in conjunction with leading UK self-storage companies. Secure storage is a high priority. We know that your personal effects mean a lot to you, so when moving or delivering, we want to assure you that that your items will be in the safest of hands.

Need an item delivered or collected in or out of store? That won’t be a problem!

As an added bonus, we also offer a detailed item inventory that can be kept for your personal records. We understand that it can be difficult and time consuming to keep track of all your goods, so we’ve made the process much easier and more efficient for you.

What We Offer:
  • Full & Partial Moves
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Antiques & Fine Art Packing
  • Packing Materials & Boxes Supplied