Moving Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Moving Home During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

March 10, 2021

All you need to know…

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen many restrictions over the last year and had a significant impact on businesses and lives around the world. The housing market has not been free of these restrictions.

Following the first UK lockdown in March 2020 removal firms across the UK have started to resume doing what they do best and that is playing their part in keeping you and the housing market moving. The Government confirmed that marketing your property and moving during the pandemic is now allowed in all tiers and during national lockdown restrictions, so there is no need to put your dream of moving on hold!

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After an initial closure during the first UK lockdown the team at Pro-Move Relocation have worked continued to operate throughout the pandemic. Moving many customers to their new dream home or office. Our practice has been adapted to implement the government guidance for safer moving into our everyday practice, so you can feel safe when choosing to move with us.

Take a look at Pro-Move Relocations website for all the information about the services we continue to provide.


The Government have provided helpful advice and guidance for removals businesses, estate agents and home movers to ensure safe practice when moving home or office during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team at Pro-Move Relocation continue to carry out removals nationally, however, the government guidance can vary depending on where you live or are moving to in the UK.

There is up to date government guidance for moving home in England.

If you are planning a move into or out of Wales the Welsh Government have published up to date guidance for movers.

The Scottish Government have also issued their own set of guidance, which you will find helpful if you are planning a move in our out of Scotland.

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Pro-Move Relocation are proud members of Move Assured accreditation for independent movers. Move Assured has provided helpful advice to removal companies and movers across the county during the pandemic.


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  • Be prepared! Due to the stamp duty holiday removals services are in high demand. Contact your chosen removal firms early and ask them how they are operating during the pandemic and arrange a survey. Video surveys are always the safest way!
  • In the weeks prior to moving day if you are carrying out your own packing, labelling the boxes is helpful when transporting items to their new destination. A floor plan is also a good idea!
  • Whilst your movers should be taking all precautions, it is advised that on move day, prior to the teams arrival, all handles, rails and any other surfaces are suitably sanitised. Please include the toilet door handles and flush levers. We also advise you to carry out the same procedures when the moving team vacate the property.
  • It’s important to turn any heating off and open windows unless adverse weather dictates otherwise. Ventilation is very important when trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  • Keeping the doors open in the property will prevent the moving team from having to keep touching handles to open doorways.
  • Although your removal team should have hand sanitiser it is very valuable to provide hand washing facilities.
  • Where possible PPE will be worn by your removal team. Movers are encouraged to also wear PPE where they are unable to vacate the property during the removal service.
  • After your removal team discuss the move plan for the day, if you are then able to vacate your property whilst the team undertake the move it will help with being able to maintain social distancing throughout the move.
  • Once the removal is completed it is advised that customers clean down furniture, surfaces, handles etc with antibacterial products.
  • Although moving has been given the green light it is still important to remember we are living during a global pandemic. If you or a member of your household presents with COVID-19 symptoms you must inform your removal firm immediately. You will also need to speak with your solicitor as it is highly likely your move will have to be rescheduled.
  • Your removal firm will also inform you immediately should any removal staff present with COVID-19 symptoms and work with you in the hope of securing an alternative moving plan.
  • Guidance, advice and practice may vary between removal firms. Speak to your chosen removal firm if you have any concerns about Coronavirus in relation to your move.
The Pro Move Team standing outside by a van with their COVID protection on


The ongoing health and safety of our customers and workers is of paramount importance. We are committed to working with you to ensure your move is carried out in the safest way possible. If you have a specific concern or requirement regarding your move in relation to COVID-19 we welcome you to speak to us and we’ll always do our best to help.


We at Pro-Move Relocation would like to thank all of our customers for entrusting us to carry out their moving service during a very challenging time for all. We will continue to provide the very best, safe and trusted service to all of our valuable customers.