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(2 cube Book Box)

18”x13”x13” 457x330x330mm Books, CD’s,, Tools, Tinned Food £2.00 Always pack cd’s on their ends and not flat. Fill carton to the top to avoid the box crushing. This box should always contain your heaviest items.

(4 cube Sundry carton)

18”x18”x20” 450x450x500mm China, Glass Kitchenware, Small appliances, Toys, Electrical items, Folded Clothes & Bedding £3.00 Always provide plenty of cushion at the bottom of box. Pack plates on end and separate each plate with paper, before wrapping 4-5 together with plenty of sheets. Mark breakables as ‘Fragile’

(6 cube)

18”x18”x30” 450x450x750mm Large Lamps, Toys, Pillows, Soft Bedding, Lamp Shades, Board games £3.75 Good to pack your soft bedding in here. Large lamps can be protected with soft bedding and cushions

(5 cube)

36”x18”x10” 900x450x250mm Curtains, Bed Sheets, Folded Clothes. £4.00 Pack box to maximum line, but not above to prevent movement of contents.
Hanging Wardrobe & Bar 20”x18”x18”

(Garment Carrier)

Hanging clothes £9.50 Simply transfer clothes from your wardrobe to our portable wardrobes to keep crease free. Normally one carton per wardrobe door.
White Packing Paper  20”x 30”Approx 400 sheets, 10kg Packing all breakables, providing padding  for boxes £15.00 Use to pack china, glass and breakables. Scrunch up to make padding / cushion for base of baxes
PVC / Vinyl Tape Securing boxes £2.00 per roll

Ensure bottom of box is well secured too, not just the top.

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